Thematic Equity

Thematic Equity to capture news trends

ODDO BHF AM has been one of the first European asset management companies to use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in thematic investing. This technology screens out a global investment universe by analyzing millions of texts. In a world where more than 80% of data is unstructured, robust data-driven processes can help us create value and reshape thematic investing.

In practice, our thematic funds are powered by Natural Language Processing algorithms that define the most important sub-themes and pick out the global equities that are the most relevant for each, according to us. We then apply our proprietary Algo 4 quantitative model with the objective to identify the companies with, potentially, the most attractive financial metrics. The portfolios are reviewed periodically by the management team.

Global equity funds to:
Participate in the artificial Intelligence silent revolution : ODDO BHF Artificial Intelligence
Play an active role in the global ecological transition : ODDO BHF Green Planet

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    ODDO BHF Green Planet and ODDO BHF Sustainable Credit Opportunities awarded both the Label ISR and the FNG label

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    ODDO BHF AM launches ODDO BHF Green Planet-Fund