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ODDO BHF ASSET MANAGEMENT – A European Investment Specialist
A leading independent
Asset Manager in Europe
A unique Franco-German identity
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With €57.3bn assets under management as of June 30, 2022, and 4 investment centres based in Paris, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Luxembourg, ODDO BHF AM is a leading asset manager in Europe and part of the Franco-German financial group ODDO BHF that was founded in 1849. It comprises ODDO BHF AM GmbH in Germany, ODDO BHF AM SAS and METROPOLE Gestion in France, and ODDO BHF AM Lux in Luxembourg.
ODDO BHF AM offers investment solutions in equities, fixed income, asset allocation, private equity and private debt to institutional clients and distribution partners. The proximity to investors and a thorough understanding of clients’ needs are at the heart of its concerns. To this end, ODDO BHF AM relies on a strong local presence in major European cities and in-depth knowledge of the markets in which the management company invests.
ODDO BHF AM’s investment style is characterized by an active and long-term investment approach with the aim to create long-term and sustainable value for its customers. To do so, ODDO BHF AM has been integrating ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into its investment processes for more than ten years. Accordingly, clients have access to a wide range of sustainable financial solutions across all asset classes.

ODDO BHF AM’s sustainable approach relies on 3 pillars: Exclusions, ESG integration, and Active Ownership. As regards exclusions, we have defined a common base of exclusions that applies to all open-ended funds covering 7 subjects such as biodiversity or unconventional oil & gas. Additional specific sector-based exclusions can apply in addition to the common base of exclusions. The ESG integration depends on the investment universe. For the European companies, we have developed an internal rating model integrating 34 ESG criteria with a great emphasis on human capital and corporate governance. For the global companies, we rely on the research and ratings of our data provider MSCI. The last pillar on Active Ownership relates to our engagement with companies. We are regularly in contact with them to positively influence corporate behaviors to drive long-term, sustainable returns for our clients.