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ODDO BHF Artificial Intelligence

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ODDO BHF Artificial Intelligence : Participate in the Artificial Intelligence silent revolution

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Launched in 2018, ODDO BHF Artificial Intelligence is our first thematic fund using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in its investment process. The fund seeks to outperform the MSCI World (NR) USD index over a minimum investment period of five years.
We believe that we are able to create a global portfolio of the best and most innovative companies, according to us, linked to this trend by combining Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on big data and a proven quantitative model. The objective is to outperform the overall market on a long-term period.
We choose this thematic because Artificial intelligence is a “silent revolution” that will transform all sectors of the society and the economy. Companies that can use AI to create competitive advantage should, according to our analysis, in the long term, be value creator.

Participate in the Artificial Intelligence silent revolution

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