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Stay on course with a moderate approach

Since 2005, ODDO BHF Polaris Moderate has offered a global and broadly diversified, moderate multi-asset investment solution. It is characterized by an equity allocation between 0% and 40% and a bond segment that invests mainly in investment grade bonds. The portfolio invests in securities listed or traded on regulated markets, mainly in Europe, the US or Emerging Markets. It can also invest up to 10% in gold by certificates or similar.
The investment objective is to avoid major setbacks due to price fluctuations and to generate an additional return to a bond investment, while taking into account environmental, social issues and corporate governance (ESG) criteria.
The fund is backed by a stable, well-experienced, and dedicated management team with a long-term investment approach. This team follows an investment process that selects stocks and bonds of high-quality companies. Preference is given to companies that can stay on course through all phases of the economic cycle and benefit from secular trends such as digitalization, automation of the economy and Artificial Intelligence, new consumer and work trend, ageing population, and rising income in emerging middle class. In the selection process, the portfolio management team strives to detect companies that have significant competitive advantages, healthy balance sheets, and able to generate sufficient cash flow to self-finance their growth. Portfolio managers also pay close attention to the valuation of the companies to limit excessive valuation risks and try to find potentially attractive entry points.

Stay on course with a moderate approach

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