The ODDO BHF Group

ODDO BHF is a Franco-German financial group with a history dating back more than 170 years. It was founded by a French family-owned bank and a German bank specialising in small and mid-sized companies.

Philippe ODDO
We want to promote a world where every day is an opportunity.
Philippe ODDO Managing Partner

With 2700 employees, of which 1400 in Germany and Switzerland and 1300 in France and Tunisia, and more than 128 billion euros in client assets under management, ODDO BHF operates in three main business lines – private banking, asset management, and corporate and investment banking. The Group possesses a unique shareholder structure, as it is 65% owned by the Oddo family and 25% by its employees. This partnership approach guarantees long-term employee commitment. In 2022, ODDO BHF generated net banking income of 727 million euros, and as of 31 December 2022 it had more than 1 billion euros in consolidated shareholders’ equity.

  • 1849Camille GAUTIER, broker in Marseille
  • 1978Creation of Oddo Asset Management
  • 1987Philippe ODDO managing partner
  • 2011-2014Opening of international offices: Milan, Frankfurt, Singapore, Geneva
  • 2015-2016Creation of a Franco German dynamic
    Acquisition of Seydler Bank,Meriten Investment Manag?ement and BHF Bank
  • 2017The Group becomes ODDO BHF
    Rise of a unique Franco-German asset management brand ODDO BHF Asset Management
  • 2018ODDO BHF Private Equity
    ODDO BHF Group acquires ACG Capital renamed ODDO BHF Private Equity to develop an expertise in non-listed assets.
  • 2020Strategic partnerships:
    ODDO BHF signed a strategic partnership for Equity Brokerage with ABN AMRO in the Netherlands and BBVA in Spain.

    Consolidation in Switzerland:
    ODDO BHF completed the acquisition of the oldest bank in French-speaking Switzerland, Landolt & Cie, which is based in Lausanne and Geneva.
  • 2021ODDO BHF signed a strategic partnership for equity brokerage with Commerzbank in Germany.
    Acquisition of METROPOLE Gestion, a specialist in value management.
  • 2022ODDO BHF strengthened its private banking activity with the acquisition of Quilvest Banque Privée S.A renamed La Banque Privée Saint Germain

The Group possesses a unique shareholder structure, with its shares held 65% by the Oddo family and 25% by its employees. This partnership concept is a guarantee of the employees' long-term commitment.

ODDO Family
Sources: ODDO BHF. Data as of 31/12/2022.
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Sources: ODDO BHF. Data as of 31/12/2022