"Resolutely client-first, we are committed to offering our clients high-quality solutions. Driven by our convictions and our independence, we also act proactively and responsibly in promoting sustainable finance that can achieve long-term performance."

Nicolas Chaput

ODDO BHF AM is a leading European asset manager. Our unique Franco-German identity, the stability of our management teams and a sustainable approach to investing enable us to provide a comprehensive offering through a range of investment solutions across all asset classes.

Aims to generate outperformance based on fundamental and bottom-up analysis
Adopt a long-term view, grounded in the trends that are deeply transforming our societies
Use models and seek to generate performance under a strict risk management approach
Aim to deliver income-oriented solutions through bottom-up credit analysis in all interest rate environments
Design the best combination of asset classes according to clients’ needs with a dynamic allocation
Offering our clients access to private assets

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