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The ecological transition

White papers 08.12.2020


December 2020


The ecological transition: a sustainable investment opportunity

The rapid warming of the planet has become a serious public concern, and justifiably so, as CO2 emissions have risen by 62% since 1990, causing a loss of 40% of the global stock of natural capital over the same period. Unless this trend is reversed rapidly, a significant portion of the planet’s surface will become uninhabitable, triggering a flurry of conflicts over the use of resources.

There is a growing awareness of the need to steer a global ecological transition that will take us towards a model of sustainable development, with new ways of producing, consuming and travelling. This is now an essential condition for meeting the challenges of climate change, scarcity of resources and the accelerating loss of biodiversity.

Despite the ambition displayed after the declaration of the Paris Agreement in 2015 and the many new commitments made since then, global warming remains on a trajectory of 2.7 to 3.1°C by 2100, which is still far below the Agreement’s 1.5 to 2°C target.

In response to this challenge, both public and private actors must rally in meeting investment needs of $1500bn to $2000bn annually between now and 2030. ODDO BHF Asset Management wants to play
an active role in this effort, including the reallocation of financial flows to the ecological transition. To do so, we have identified opportunities for significant growth and creation of value in four main areas of the
transition: clean energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and conservation of natural resources. As responsible asset managers, we strive to do our utmost in helping to meet this major challenge and allowing our clients to benefit from this structural change that is also a source of long-term growth.





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