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ODDO BHF Green Bond has been awarded with the Greenfin label

Sustainable Investment 11.11.2021


November 11th, 2021

We are pleased to inform you that ODDO BHF Green Bond has been awarded the Greenfin label, the first national award for investments in a green economy, introduced by the French government following the Paris climate change conference.

ODDO BHF Green Bond is directed to bond investors who want to support the finance of sustainable projects, thereby contributing to the achievement of climate protection goals. The fund invests in a portfolio of government and corporate bonds as well as bonds from SSA-issuers that are used to finance sustainable projects. These projects range from infrastructure for renewable energy or clean transportation to ecologically sustainable solutions for waste management and water use. The investment focus is on Euro-denominated Green Bonds (at least 75%) with a measurable positive impact on the environment. Up to 25% of the assets can be invested in issuers with high ESG ratings.

The Greenfin label confirms the high-quality standards the ODDO BHF Green Bond applies in order to ensure that its investments contribute to the financing of the energy and ecological transition.

To meet the demanding standards, funds are evaluated against various criteria. The criteria of the label are based on 3 pillars:

  1. Specification of environmental objectives, exclusions and method for evaluating the “green share” of the portfolio
  2. Consideration of ESG criteria and monitor ESG controversies
  3. Measure and highlight positive impact on energy & ecological transition of investments

To comply with the Greenfin criteria, the fund excludes a number of sectors as described below

Green Bond exclusions

  • Tobacco
  • Conventional weapons
  • Coal mining, coal new developments and coal infrastructure
  • UN Global Compact violations


Non Green Bond exclusions (=ESG bucket)

  • Coal
  • Conventional oil & gas
  • Unconventional oil & gas
  • Tobacco
  • Arctic drilling
  • Biodiversity
  • Controversial weapons
  • Nuclear

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