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ODDO BHF Asset Management has launched a new fixed maturity fund invested in high yield bonds: ODDO BHF Global Target 2028

Press releases 15.12.2022



Paris, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Luxembourg, 15 December 2022 

ODDO BHF Asset Management has launched its new fixed maturity fund, called ODDO BHF Global Target 2028. With 1.4 billion euros1 in assets under management in this strategy, ODDO BHF Asset Management has acquired extensive experience in structuring and managing this type of fund since launching its first fixed maturity fund in 2009.

ODDO BHF Global Target 2028 aims to increase the portfolio’s value in the medium and long term by investing in global high-yield bonds rated between BB+ and CCC and maturing no later than 1 July 2029. The fund follows a buy-and-maintain approach based on a proven investment process that combines in-depth fundamental credit research with active and thorough risk management. The fund is classified as Article 8 product under the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

ODDO BHF Global Target 2028 is managed by a seasoned investment team led by Alexis Renault, who has more than 27 years of experience in high yield. Alexis oversees a team of nine specialised fund managers/analysts.

The fund is open to investors until 29 December 2023.

Alexis Renault, Fund Manager and Global Head of High Yield at ODDO BHF Asset Management: “Rising interest rates and widening spreads in recent months have revived interest in the credit market, opening a window of opportunity that our clients had not seen in many years. The high-yield bond market is once again potentially attractive to our clients, particularly via fixed maturity funds, which, unlike a directly held bond, offer both visibility on expected yield to maturity and diversification of bonds within the portfolio, while being exposed to a risk of default and loss of capital.”


1 As at October 31st, 2022

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