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ODDO BHF announces the launch of ODDO BHF Venture Capital Fund

Press releases 09.02.2023


Paris, 9th February 2023

ODDO BHF has announced the launch of ODDO BHF Venture Capital Fund. The fund is intended exclusively for professional investors and French qualified investors* and will be managed by a team led by Richard Clarke-Jervoise. With a target size of €200 million, the fund aims to build a diversified portfolio consisting of stakes in Venture Capital funds and in non-listed technology and innovative companies in the world’s largest markets, i.e. the United States, Europe and Asia.

ODDO BHF Venture Capital Fund offers exposure to a range of innovative themes such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, medical technology and robotics. The fund invests in companies at all stages of their development, from young start-ups to more established companies.

ODDO BHF Venture Capital Fund combines three approaches: primary fund investment, secondary fund investment, and co-investment. This hybrid strategy aims to build a diversified underlying portfolio of 200 to 400 companies. Secondary investments and co-investments are included in order to potentially generate accelerated liquidity for investors and to reduce the average holding period.

“This new offering addresses demand from our European clients to take part in the financing of innovation and future technology leaders”, explained Richard Clarke-Jervoise, Managing Director for Private Equity at ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS.

“After having offered our professional clients an opportunity to invest in secondary private equity and in the global environmental transition, with this new fund we offer them special access to Venture Capital”, said Nicolas Chaput, Global CEO of ODDO BHF Asset Management.

*“Qualified investor “means a non-professional investor whose initial subscription or acquisition is equal to or greater than 100,000 euros

Press release: Not for direct or indirect dissemination, publication or distribution in the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia. Investors are reminded that the fund incurs a risk of loss of capital and performance of investments, a risk of illiquidity of fund assets, a risk of dependence on the investment team, a valuation risk arising from illiquid investments and a risk of high fees. The aforementioned objectives are only objectives; it is possible that they may not be reached. For more information, please refer to the fund’s legal documentation.

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