Cookie Policy

The cookie banner that appears when you visit the ODDO BHF Asset Management website and this policy are intended to inform you on the cookies used and, where necessary, to submit their use to your consent.

1. What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small software file, otherwise known as a 'tracker', placed on your device (computers, smartphones, tablets and all other devices used for accessing the internet) when you browse the ODDO BHF Asset Management website. This tracker makes it possible to identify the device used and provides information about the website user.

The cookies used by ODDO BHF Asset Management enable, for example, to collect information relating to your visit to the website, such as your browsing on the website or your preferred language, in order to improve the browsing experience and the content and functions proposed on the ODDO BHF Asset Management website.

There are two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies that are deleted after the session and browser are closed.
  • Persistent cookies that will only be deleted from your device when their lifetime expires.

The various cookies used by ODDO BHF Asset Management and its partners are listed below.

2. Which cookies are used on the website?

The ODDO BHF Asset Management website uses four types of cookies, the purposes of which are described below. Some cookies are essential for the website to function properly and others are subject to your consent.

Cookies necessary for the operation of the website (mandatory)

ODDO BHF Asset Management uses technical cookies that are strictly necessary for the website to function properly, and more specifically session cookies. These cookies enable ODDO BHF Asset Management to analyze your browsing on the website, as well as to authenticate you in order to secure your connection. Such cookies are necessary to access your personal account using your login details.

Audience measurement cookies (subject to your consent, except in certain cases):

These cookies enable ODDO BHF Asset Management to identify and determine the number of visitors, and to analyze data relating to their browsing activity on the website, with the aim of adapting the website to users' requirements.

In accordance with the regulations in place, ODDO BHF Asset Management may use audience measurement cookies without your consent, particularly when the sole purpose of the data collected is to provide traffic statistics used to evaluate the content published and improve the ergonomics of the website.

User experience cookies (subject to your consent):

These cookies are used by ODDO BHF Asset Management to remember the choices you may have made in order to personalize the content of the website and improve your user experience. These cookies will remember the language preferences you set when browsing the website.

Social network cookies (subject to your consent):

Our website offers you the possibility to share certain content with others on social networks (YouTube for example). When you use this function, a third-party cookie is set by the corresponding social network.

You should therefore refer to the privacy policies of these social networks if you wish to know more about the purposes for which the information collected on this occasion will be used.

3. Who sets cookies on this website (ODDO BHF Asset Management or third parties)?

The cookies used on the ODDO BHF Asset Management website may be set by our company or by a third party or partner. When cookies are placed by third parties, they can access certain information about you. These cookies are generally used for analytical purposes, to measure the audience or to share website content on social networks.

For more information, please see the list of cookies below.

4. How can you accept, reject, delete or set cookies in your browser?

When you enter the website, you can choose to accept, refuse or set the parameters of the cookies used by the website via the cookies banner.

You can also set these cookies at any time by clicking on the "Set Cookies" tab on our website.

There are also other ways of deleting cookies. You can set up your browser in the following way:

  • Firefox : We invite you to consult the following page:
  • Safari : Launch your Safari browser. // Click on the Safari menu. // Select 'Preferences'. // In the Preferences window, select the 'Security' tab. // In the 'Accept Cookies' area, check the box corresponding to the cookie setting you want.
  • Google Chrome : Please note: if you delete cookies, you will be logged out of websites and your saved preferences may be deleted.
    On your computer/terminal, open Chrome. // In the top right-hand corner, click on More, then 'Settings'. // At the bottom, click on 'Advanced Settings'. // In the 'Privacy and Security' section, click on 'Content Settings'. // Click on 'Cookies'. // In the 'All Cookies and Site Data' section, click on 'Delete All'. // Confirm deletion by clicking on 'Delete All'.
    For more information, please consult the following page:
  • Opera : We invite users to consult the following explanatory page:

5. List of cookies used on the website