ODDO BHF EXKLUSIV: Polaris Balanced

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ODDO BHF Exklusiv Polaris Balanced: Stay on course with a balanced approach

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Since 2007, ODDO BHF Exklusiv Polaris Balanced provides a global and balanced multi-asset investment solution, thanks to an equity exposure ranging between 35% and 60% and to a fixed-income bucket mainly invested into investment grade bonds. The portfolio can invest in securities listed or traded in regulated markets especially in Europe, the United States or the emerging countries. Its investment objective is to generate attractive capital growth and appropriate returns. To fulfil this objective, the fund is backed by a steady, rigorous and long-term vision endowed portfolio management team. This portfolio management team can count on an investment process targeting quality-oriented companies capable to remain on track during all the steps of an economic cycle. According to our analysis, these high-quality companies take advantages of significative competitive advantages, healthy balance sheet, and sufficient cash flows generation to self-finance their growth. A close attention is paid to the valuation of the securities in the portfolio to limit excessive valuation risk and then, try to capture potential attractive entry points.

Stay on course with a balanced approach

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