ODDO BHF Immobilier

ODDO BHF Immobilier : Diversified real estate, daily liquidity

Invested primarily in EU property companies, the ODDO BHF Immobilier fund seeks to outperform the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Euro zone CAPPED Index Net TRI over a minimum investment period of five years. ODDO BHF Immobilier offers a simple and diversified access to the listed real estate sector in Europe: companies managing real estate assets in shopping centers, offices, residences, hotels, logistics, student and health residences.The fund invests through a combination of a macro-economic -and a fundamental approach. It aims to select the best companies positioned on the most promising segments of the EU property market (shopping centres, offices, housing). ODDO BHF Immobilier has one of the longest track record on the market (launched in 1989) and it is a strategy that potentially distributes dividends that we estimate important for investors seeking regular income.

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Diversified real estate, daily liquidity

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