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ODDO BHF Green Planet

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ODDO BHF Green Planet : Play an active role in the ecological transition

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ODDO BHF Green Planet is a global thematic equity fund investing in companies that will participate the most in the ecological transition irrespective of their market capitalization, according to our analysis.
The investment process of the fund is driven by Artificial Intelligence with the objective of detecting the most alpha-generating sub-themes and companies linked to the ecological transition theme across its entire value chain.
Then, a fundamental analysis is performed by the portfolio management team in order to select the strongest convictions.
The fund notably offers our clients a direct exposure to sub-themes like clean energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and preservation of natural resources.
ODDO BHF Green Planet seeks to outperform the MSCI All Countries World NR Index over a minimum investment period of five years.
The fund integrates ESG criteria in its investment process.

Play an active role in the ecological transition