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ODDO BHF Algo Sustainable Leaders

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ODDO BHF Algo Sustainable Leaders : Setting the stage for a sustainable future

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Launched in 2002, ODDO BHF Algo Sustainable Leaders is our sustainable solution on European equities. The objective of the fund is to obtain a return on the income and growth of investments in sustainable securities with the objective to minimize the economic risk. The benchmark of the fund is the Stoxx Europe Sustainability Ex AGTAFA.
Sustainable investment is the application of the concept of sustainable development to financial investments. It involves investing in companies that create value over the long term and that aim to have a positive impact on all stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers) and on the environment. This could be an opportunity for investors to positioned themselves on one of the strongest structural trend we are experiencing.
The fund combines high-quality trend investing with a strict risk management process and integrates our in-house ESG rating methodology directly into the investment process. This eventually results in a sustainable, diversified and risk-controlled portfolio with a basket of different trends.
ODDO BHF Algo Sustainable Leaders serves two main needs of investors at the same time: performance over the time and sustainability. The fund has the German FNG and the French ISR ESG labels. The fund is exposed in particular to a risk of capital loss. For more details about risks, please refer to the Key Investors Information Document.

Setting the stage for a sustainable future

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