ODDO BHF Algo Global CIw-EUR (ex FT Global Dynamic CIW-EUR)

Multi-Factor ODDO BHF Algo Global CIw-EUR (ex FT Global Dynamic CIW-EUR) Unit CIw-EUR - EUR ISIN code : DE000A1XDYM7
Rating as of 30 Avril 2022
Global Large-Cap Blend Equity
Assets Under Management (million) 297 EUR NAV N-1 day 1494.90 EUR
NAV at 18/05/2022 1453.06 EUR YTD -9.08%
Risk/return scale 1 234567 12-month performance 8.5 %
Annualized perf. since inception 11.18 %
ODDO BHF Algo Global invests in the equity securities of promising global companies. The security selection process is based on a proprietary quantitative approach (Algo 5), that considers the fundamental data of stocks in the MSCI World Index in regard to valuation, momentum, risk, growth and earnings revisions. The portfolio is comprised of the best stocks in these categories and is reviewed regularly. The investment policy aims for longer-term capital appreciation. ODDO BHF Algo Global can be used for diversification by investors with an aggressive investment strategy who want to capture the potential of the global equity market.
Investors are reminded that past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns and is not constant over time.

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