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The ODDO BHF Polaris range confirms the acceleration of its development with European customers

Press releases 17.12.2020


Paris, 17.12.2020 

With a positive net inflow of €356 million in 2020*, the ODDO BHF Polaris range continues to accelerate its growth among European customers. Within this range** of four global diversified funds with different risk profiles, ODDO BHF Polaris Moderate now reaches assets under management in excess of €1 billion.

Building on 15 years of performance and a stable investment process, the ODDO BHF Polaris range has proven its resilience throughout different market phases. This ability to stay on course has enabled the four funds to earn five stars from Morningstar*** as well as regular awards. In November 2020, ODDO BHF AM received the German Scope Award for the outstanding quality of its expertise in multi-asset management.

The ODDO BHF Polaris range of funds is composed of quality global corporate equities and bonds, selected for the strength of their business model and fundamentals, but also for their exposure to four major themes that we believe to be promising: digitalisation, changing consumer and work habits, the ageing population and the emergence of a new middle class.

The four funds of the range are managed by delegation or advised by a team of experts consisting of 13 Frankfurt-based manager-analysts of ODDO BHF Trust GmbH, dedicated to the financial and extra-financial analysis of companies and to the selection of those that will be able to take advantage of their competitive edge in an attempt to generate consistent performance over the long term.

Peter Rieth (ODDO BHF Trust), manager of the ODDO BHF Polaris Moderate fund, says: "We are aware of the current challenges for investors in the face of strong market valuations and the uncertainties that remain from an economic, political and health point of view. This is why we are striving to focus on quality stocks and bonds. All of this within diversified portfolios managed with a long-term perspective. The transparency and simplicity of our approach will remain at the heart of our DNA. »

Nicolas Chaput, CEO of ODDO BHF Asset Management underlines: "Quality, long term and diversification have been the pillars of the investment philosophy of the ODDO BHF Polaris funds since 2005. The success of this strategy illustrates the strength of our Franco-German group, which combines discipline, expertise and conviction to serve the interests of our investors. »

* Data as at 30/11/2020 ** ODDO BHF Polaris Moderate, ODDO BHF Exklusiv Polaris Balanced, ODDO BHF Exklusiv Polaris Dynamic, ODDO BHF Polaris Flexible); *** ODDO BHF Polaris Moderate Morningstar category: EUR Cautious Allocation | ODDO BHF Exklusiv Polaris Balanced, Morningstar category: EUR Moderate Allocation – Global | ODDO BHF Polaris Flexible Morningstar category: EUR flexible Allocation | ODDO BHF Exklusiv Polaris Dynamic Morningstar category: EUR Aggressive Allocation

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