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ODDO BHF AM launches ODDO BHF Green Planet-Fund

Press releases 10.11.2020


November 10, 2020

ODDO BHF AM launches ODDO BHF Green Planet, a thematic equity fund invested in global listed companies having a positive impact on the ecological transition

Paris, November 10, 2020. ODDO BHF Asset Management, which for over 10 years has been committed to sustainable management of its investments, launched ODDO BHF Green Planet, its first thematic equity fund invested in global companies having a positive impact on the ecological transition. The fund is meant for both institutional and retail investors.

Many companies are mobilised on the theme of ecological transition. ODDO BHF Asset Management has selected four sub-themes, which, in our view, offer significant growth potential and cover all aspects of the ecological transition. These are clean energies, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and the preservation of natural resources. This fund thus offers investors comprehensive exposure to the ecological transition theme by selecting companies of all sizes and sectors on a global scale. ODDO BHF Green Planet is managed by a five-person team that includes manager-analysts and algorithm specialists. Nicolas Jacob and Baptiste Lemaire are the fund’s two managers. The fund consists of about 40 stocks identified by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, which are then filtered through a proprietary multi-factor quantitative model and then analysed by the management team. As of 31 October 2020, 58% of the fund portfolio was exposed to North America, 15% to Europe and 27% to Asia. In sector terms, the fund was invested mainly in tech stocks (28%), capital goods (28%) and utilities (19%).

To identify and select high-growth global companies that are able to create value within these four sub-themes, ODDO BHF Green Planet relies on both financial and extra-financial research, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. ODDO BHF Asset Management was one of the first European asset managers to use AI algorithms in thematic investment.

“The world needs 1,500 to 2,000 billion dollars in investments each year to keep global warming under 2°C. ODDO BHF Green Planet has the ambition to take part by offering investors direct exposure to the ecological transition by investing in companies, that, based on our research, enjoy major competitive advantages and attractive growth potential”, said Nicolas Jacob, fund manager at ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS.

Nicolas Chaput, Chief Executive Officer of ODDO BHF Asset Management, added: "We are confident that the investment community must contribute actively to the ecological transition. While it is foremost a necessity, the ecological transition also offers important investment opportunities. ODDO BHF Green Planet is a way to commit to this positive revolution.”

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