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ODDO BHF AM launches ODDO BHF Future of Finance

Press releases 19.10.2021



ODDO BHF AM launches ODDO BHF Future of Finance, a global thematic equity fund, investing in both innovative banks and new players challenging the traditional banking sector. The fund aims at capturing the mutation of the global financial industry, which is according to our analysis a solid support to a structural growth theme.

The fund provides a comprehensive exposure to the “Future of Finance” thematic by selecting global companies of all market sizes, all sub-sectors and geographies. It consists between 40 and 60 stocks selected by an active and conviction-based investment process that combines a top-down analysis, to define the most attractive sub-themes, and a bottom-up approach based on an in-depth fundamental analysis of each stock. ODDO BHF Future of Finance is managed by Alex Koagne, who has more than 15 years experience in analysing and investing into listed financial companies. 

“The disruption of financial companies in their four major business fields (financing, savings, payment and insurance) is inevitable. Thanks to technological innovation, disruptive players respond better to new consumer demands by revolutionizing the customer experience. This underlying trend is reflected in market share gains for disruptive players, ensuring a secular growth in their activities”, said Alex Koagne, fund manager of ODDO BHF Future of Finance.

Nicolas Chaput, Chief Executive Officer of ODDO BHF Asset Management, added: “The emergence and adoption of new technologies through digitalization as well as the increasing specialization of the whole value chain in the financial industry give rise to many investment opportunities for our institutional, wholesale and retail clients. This strategy is the fourth global thematic solution we bring to our clients along with ODDO BHF Green Planet, ODDO BHF Artificial Intelligence and Landolt Best Selection in Food Industry¹”.

¹Landolt Investment (Lux) SICAV - Best Selection in Food Industry is a fund managed by ODDO BHF (Switzerland). It is registered in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany and Luxembourg and is distributed by ODDO BHF AM.

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