ODDO BHF Métropole Sélection A

Value ODDO BHF Métropole Sélection A Unit A - EUR ISIN code : FR0007078811
Rating as of 30 Avril 2023
Europe Large-Cap Value Equity
Assets Under Management (million) 263 EUR NAV N-1 day 687.26 EUR
NAV at 05/06/2023 685.69 EUR YTD 9.12%
Risk/return scale 1 234567 12-month performance 5.57 %
Annualized perf. since inception 6.19 %
The strategy used consists of selecting the best-rated companies on ESG criteria by reducing the investment universe using a "Best-in-class" / "Best effort" rating methodology for companies in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway, and then proceeding with the selection of discounted stocks through rigorous financial analysis, knowledge of the management teams and the detection of one or two catalysts capable of reducing the discount within a period of 18 to 24 months.
Investors are reminded that past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns and is not constant over time.

Annual performances (rolling 12 months)