ODDO BHF Green Planet CR-EUR

Ecology ODDO BHF Green Planet CR-EUR Unit CR-EUR - EUR ISIN code : LU2189930105
Assets Under Management (million) 132 USD NAV N-1 day 115.65 EUR
NAV at 26/01/2022 115.90 EUR YTD -9.38%
Risk/return scale 1 234567 12-month performance -0.04 %
Annualized perf. since inception 12.51 %
ODDO BHF Green Planet is a systematic equity fund that uses artificial intelligence and quantitative analysis to invest in listed equities from around the world with exposure to the theme of ecological transition, through a selection of associated sub-themes such as clean energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and the preservation of natural resources. It seeks to be permanently invested in equities with the objective of long-term capital growth. A big-data algorithm is first used to select companies whose business model contributes significantly to the four sub-themes identified above. The internal quantitative Algo 4 model is then applied to this limited investment universe to identify approximately 40 companies with the most attractive financial and risk characteristics. The portfolio is periodically reviewed by the management team.
Investors are reminded that past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns and is not constant over time.

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ODDO BHF Green Planet CR-EUR
Initial NAV 0.00 EUR
NAV 26/1/2022 115.90EUR

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Failing sufficient regulatory historical data, past performance cannot be published.

Net Asset Value evolution

* This is a synthetic indicator of risk and return: lower risk means a potentially lower return, and higher risk means a potentially higher return. The risk profile is not constant and may change over time.

Key features

Launch date of the fund 26/10/2020

Launch date of the share class 26/10/2020

Benchmark 100% MSCI All Countries World Index (Net Return, in EUR)

Legal structure SICAV

ISIN codeLU2189930105

Bloomberg code ODGPCRE LX

Currency EUR

Income allocation Capitalisation

DecimalisationOne-thousandth of a part

Subscription fees 5.00% maximum

Redemption feesnil

Management fees Annual rate of a maximum of 1.60%, payable quarterly and calculated based on the Sub-fund's average net assets for the month in question.

Performance fees 20% of the Sub-Fund's outperformance relative to the benchmark, provided that the Sub-Fund's performance is positive.

Transaction fees received by the Management Company none

Management company ODDO BHF AM SAS

Custodian Caceis Bank Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Administration and accounting Caceis Bank Lux

Subscriptions/ Redemptions12:00pm, D

NAV calculation frequency Daily