ODDO BHF Future of Finance CR-EUR

Financials ODDO BHF Future of Finance CR-EUR Unit CR-EUR - EUR ISIN code : FR0010493957
Rating as of 30 Avril 2023
Sector Equity Financial Services
Assets Under Management (million) 48 EUR NAV N-1 day 118.57 EUR
NAV at 01/06/2023 119.71 EUR YTD -0.66%
Risk/return scale 1 234567 12-month performance -5.82 %
Annualized perf. since inception 1.15 %
ODDO BHF Future of Finance is a global equity fund invested in companies that benefit from the mutations of the financial industry. The fund invests without geographical constraints in various financial themes: banking, payment and transaction services, specialist financial services and disruptive financial companies (among others). A top-down approach and bottom-up fundamental analysis are carried out to identify the most relevant and best positioned companies. The fund seeks to be permanently invested in equities with the objective of long-term capital growth.
Investors are reminded that past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns and is not constant over time.

Annual performances (rolling 12 months)

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