ODDO BHF Immobilier CR-EUR

Real Estate ODDO BHF Immobilier CR-EUR Unit CR-EUR - EUR ISIN code : FR0000989915
Rating as of 30 Avril 2022
Property - Indirect Eurozone
Assets Under Management (million) 309 EUR NAV N-1 day 1860.00 EUR
NAV at 24/05/2022 1819.93 EUR YTD -11.59%
Risk/return scale 1 234567 12-month performance -8.35 %
Annualized perf. since inception 7.88 %
Invested primarily in EU property companies, the ODDO BHF Immobilier seeks to outperform the MSCI EMU IMI Core RE 10/40 Index (dividends reinvested) over a minimum investment horizon of five years. The fund applies a bottom-up, conviction-based investment approach to select companies positioned on the best segments of the EU property market (shopping centres, offices, housing).
Investors are reminded that past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns and is not constant over time.

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ODDO BHF Immobilier CR-EUR
Initial NAV 0.00 EUR
NAV 24/5/2022 1819.93EUR