ODDO BHF Avenir Europe

ODDO BHF Avenir Europe “Investing in tomorrow’s leaders”

Launched in 1999, ODDO BHF Avenir Europe seeks to outperform the MSCI Europe Smid (NR) EUR index over a minimum investment period of five years.

This is a fund of conviction based on bottom-up analysis, focusing on value creators on the whole cycle: self-financing growth, preserved profitability and self-financing even in recession times, whatever the sector. Positions in the portfolio are European companies with an international reach: tomorrow’s global leaders. The fund has no style bias, no macroeconomic bets, but a structural underweight of non-value creator sectors and/or purely domestic businesses versus a structural overweight on sectors with numerous potentially attractive investment opportunities. The same team has been in charge of the fund for more than 14 years.

Annual performances (rolling 12 months)

Failing sufficient regulatory historical data, past performance cannot be published. For more fund details please click here