Sustainable Investments / ESG

ESG integration and long-term shareholder engagement

ODDO BHF Asset Management manages several equity and bond funds that factor in ESG criteria. They total more than €7bn euros in assets under management*. This approach is fully aligned with the managers’ investment philosophy – conviction-based management within a long-term perspective.

ESG research aims to identify the most meaningful criteria in order to then impact portfolio construction within an objective of sustainable development. Our approach is based on two distinct pillars: an analysis of best-in-universe securities and a dialogue with companies on issues such as climate challenges.

* As of 30 September 2019

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Our ESG approach

By factoring in the criteria that we deem the most meaningful and the most relevant to investors, our approach aims mainly to impact portfolio construction.

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Our approach to climate change

Beyond merely measuring CO2 emissions, we have developed a qualitative analysis that also measures portfolios’ contribution to meeting climate targets. For this purpose, an indicator called “energy transition analysis” (ETA) has been developed to measure each company’s contribution to a low-carbon economy.

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