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Citywire Germany Awards 2021 - Double win for ODDO BHF Asset Management

Noticias corporativas 08.11.2021


November 8th 2021


ODDO BHF Asset Management was named the best asset management company for the Dynamic Mixed Funds category over the last seven years. To rate a company, Citywire calculates an average of the ratings of all managers working in a fund company who meet the sector criteria.

Nils Bosse Parra, fund manager of ODDO BHF Polaris Dynamic at ODDO BHF Trust, was named best manager in the mixed fund dynamic category. The awards for the best fund managers, which have been presented by Citywire for six years, focus on the risk-adjusted performance over three years in comparison with similar funds sold in Germany. The decisive factor is not only the performance, but also that it was achieved at an acceptable level of risk.

ODDO BHF Polaris Dynamic is part of the 3.9 billion ODDO BHF Polaris fund range, which offers various risk profiles to suit different investors’ objectives. With over one billion in new money invested this year, the four ODDO BHF Polaris funds are among ODDO BHF Asset Management's most popular funds.

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