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Celebrating 50 years while keeping an eye on the future



This year’s ODDO BHF Asset Management autumn conference held in Düsseldorf was attended by more than 60 participants. These included institutional clients, i.e. professional pension funds, savings banks, insurance companies and asset managers, as well as wholesale investors.


With the motto “50 years of investment experience in Germany”, the conference started out with a brief walk down memory lane, looking back at the history of the two fund investment firms, which one year ago merged to form ODDO BHF Asset Management GmbH. Of course, the capital markets and the world at large have not stood still during the anniversary year, and presentations and discussions then centred on what the future has in store.

For example, Matthias Wissmann, Senior Advisor at ODDO BHF and until February 2019 president of the German Automotive Industry Association (one of Germany’s flagship industries, which is now in the midst of a crisis), spoke on the topic “What is the vision for the car of the future, and what is the reality?”

During the afternoon much-awarded fintech entrepreneur Ramin Niroumand enlightened participants on how to build innovative companies and how to actively shape a 100% digital future of finance.

This line-up was rounded off by investment specialists from ODDO BHF Asset Management investment specialist presenting on how to reconcile sustainability and returns in fixed-income portfolios, what private debt has to offer in a low-interest-rate environment, how artificial intelligence is innovating the asset management industry, and, of course, the current state of the capital markets. 

Latest news