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You are connected to the ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS website, the “Website”). This web page is intended for French residents. It is the responsibility of investors to ensure that they are legally entitled to view these pages and use and consult the information, products and services presented on the website in view of the laws in force in their own countries.

Objective of the Website

This website and the information displayed were produced for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer or investment advice or an invitation to subscribe to the products and services presented. The information held on the site or in documents available on the site is given for guidance purposes only, has no contractual value and may be changed by ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS at any time without notice. The assessments made reflect only the opinion of their author on the publication date and may subsequently change.

Type of information available on the Website

The net asset values shown on this site are for guidance only. Only the net asset value recorded on the transaction notice and account statements will be binding.

The tax treatment of an investment in units or shares in an investment fund depends on each investor’s personal situation. You are therefore recommended to contact a tax adviser before any subscription.

Authorisation to access the Website

The products and services presented on this Website may only be consulted and subscribed in the countries in which they are authorised for distribution. ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS shall not provide any of the products or services presented on the Website to a given person if this is prohibited by the law of said person’s country of origin or any other country concerned.

The funds have not been and shall not be registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission as provided for by the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and the amendments thereto, or any other regulation relating to transferable securities. Consequently, none of the prospectuses published on this Website may be introduced, transmitted or distributed in the US or in its territories or possessions, or provided to US institutional residents or to companies, associations or other entities created under or governed by the laws of the US, or to any US person as defined by the United States Securities Act of 1993.

Risks linked to financial investment

Investors should note that the investment funds referred to herein all carry a risk of capital loss; the net asset value of funds may rise or fall in line with market fluctuations. Investors may not recover their initial investment. Fund subscriptions and redemptions are made at an unknown net asset value. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Performance may vary over time.

Before subscribing to a fund, investors would be advised to contact an investment adviser and must read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and prospectus available on this website to understand the risks incurred.

The regulatory documents are also available from ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS at 12, boulevard de la Madeleine, 75440 Paris Cedex 09 and can be sent free of charge on request.

In no way shall ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS be held liable for an investment or divestment decision made on the basis of information held on this site; investors must at all times consider their investment objectives, investment horizon and ability to bear the risks involved before subscribing. Neither shall ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this publication or the information that it contains.

Intellectual property

This Website is a work protected by intellectual property rights, as are the data featuring on the Website, such as trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, etc. These data are strictly intended for the personal and private use of users and may not be reproduced, communicated to third parties or used in whole or in part without the prior written agreement of ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS. However, pages and/or sections of the Website may be downloaded or printed onto paper for personal use only, provided that you do not delete any notes relating to copyright and/or intellectual property rights.


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Protection of personal data

Users are hereby informed that they have a right to access and amend their data by writing to the manager of the Website at the following address:

Customer Service/Marketing Department - ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS, 12 boulevard de la Madeleine, 75440 Paris Cedex 09.

Please see here for our data protection principles .

Security - Integrity – Technical failures

As the security and integrity of Internet communication cannot be guaranteed, ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS disclaims all responsibility regarding the consequences of any technical failures relating to the Website, in particular with respect to any difficulties in accessing the Website or any interruption to the provision of the Website.

Users acknowledge having been informed that the ODDO BHF Asset Management SAS Website is available 24/7, except in the case of an event of force majeure, IT difficulties, difficulties linked to telecommunications network infrastructure or technical difficulties. For maintenance reasons, the manager of the Website may also interrupt the Website and, in such cases, shall endeavour to inform users.

Applicable law

This Website is governed by French law. Any legal action relating to this Website shall be brought before the French courts.

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Please see here for our data protection principles .